No More Excuses! Get Ready For Next Season

CalabogieAdventures_banner_v2The snow is quickly melting and while many of us are probably putting our skis away and taking out our summer gear there is one last winter deal that you do not want to miss out on.

Skiing can be expensive; although once you have the gear all you have to pay for is the pass. But if you ski every weekend it can add up real fast. That’s why Calabogie Peaks is offering a great deal where you can put down a $49 deposit before April 15th and then pay the balance in mid-September, which allows you to lock down the lowest price in advance. It also makes it a lot more affordable when September rolls around and you start dusting off those skis.
If you purchase the Ultimate Seasons Pass and ski 9 times then you’ve made getting the pass worth it. If you ski more than that, it’s as if you are skiing for free! I enjoy having a season’s pass because then if I only ski for a couple hours I won’t feel guilty for leaving and not have gotten my money’s worth of turns. It also won’t make you feel guilty if you just feel like sitting and socializing in the pub in between runs.

I highly recommend purchasing an Ultimate Seasons Pass before April 15th. If you are sitting there thinking, “I wish I would have skied more this year” then this is the perfect opportunity for you. Once you buy the pass you will have all the motivation you need to get out there as much as you can. Skiing is a great winter activity to keep you active, healthy and outdoors.

No more excuses, make sure next winter is your best ski season yet and lock down your seasons pass now!