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Goin’ Country


It’s the last week of June and you know what that means? Ok, yes, it’s the last week of school for most of the county. And yes, it’s also officially the beginning of summer and all the sunny perks that come with it. More important than all of those combined is the start of the 2nd Annual Calabogie Class Axe Guitars Country Music Festival, launching this Friday as our first performer, Aaron Lines, takes the stage at 8:00pm with local favourite, Ambush, wrapping up the first night.

Putting a music festival together is a festival unto itself and it all begins the minute last year’s event comes to a close. It involves every department and every employee here, from ensuring every room is prepared and perfected for our guests – including the performers and their crew – to the grounds staff getting everything groomed and ready for literally thousands of people to those in the Marketing department plugging away at Facebook, Twitter, radio, and print to get the word out there. Guiding it all falls under the jurisdiction of our festival committees, a joint-cooperation of Calabogie Peaks Resort and 101.9 DAWG FM. With this final week of preparations upon us, everyone’s started pouring in and pouring out 110% to get ready for this weekend.

If you’re anything like me and this is your first time at the Country Music Festival, we’re all in for a treat. Picture your typical outdoor music fest with so many amenities right at hand, especially if you’re camping over for the entire weekend. You want to sit down and enjoy a nice meal indoors? Canthooks Restaurant is the place to be. Feel like taking in some local food vendors? Not a problem, we have booths for BeaverTails, It’s Lemonade Time, and the Smokehouse Café to fill your bellies. Want to play a few rounds of tennis, golf, or simply savour the winding trails of the Calabogie area? Consider it done. Finally, we can’t forget about the beach and the cold drinks offered at our Boathouse Bar & Grill. Lots to do until the music cranks back up and the party gets started again.

This year is about mixing it up and offering something for all country fans. For up-and-coming stars, there’s Abby Stewart, Western Swing Authority, and our own Rich Martel. New country fans can enjoy songs from Bobby Wills, Small Town Pistols, and Brea Lawrenson. Are you an old school country fan? We’ve got Canadian country music icon, Michelle Wright, closing out the festival on Sunday the 29th at 6:00pm. That’s 18 hours of live country music waiting for you to experience. So what are doing reading this blog for when you could be buying your tickets online?
For everything you need to enjoy this year’s Calabogie Class Axe Guitars Country Music Festival, go to www.calabogiecountry.com and follow the action on their Facebook page or Twitter account for instant updates as the weekend approaches and commences. See you this weekend!