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Start At The Beginning: A New Skier’s POV

It can be easy to forget what it’s like to start from the beginning when you’ve done something for so many years. Like skiing or snowboarding. We all started at the beginning and maybe it was over a decade ago or just last year, but it happened. In addition to that uncertainty and anxiety learning how to ski/snowboard when you’re surrounded by hundreds of other people who know what they’re doing, there’s that thrill of conquering your fears and completing your first run without falling on your rump.

Think you can never go back to the beginning? When you’re Gregg from Slopefillers, you find a way.

So when we receive letters like this one from a young woman named Lola, it warmed our hearts. This is what it means to learn to ski and master those uncertainties like she did. Not only did she enjoy her first experience on the slopes, but she advocates others to do the same. It’s our pleasure to share Lola’s letter with you and hope it inspires others to follow her lead and take that first step on a new beginning.

“Skiing is an amazing sport that is exciting, exhilarating and painful. It was exciting because I got to do a sport that was new to me, exhilarating because after you learn the basics you feel like you can do anything and be on top of the world. It was sort of painful because when you fell your legs might hit one of your skis and the bottom of the ski is metal. But it was from fun falling because you got a chance to try again. I would encourage everybody to try skiing.”

Great job, Lola! You’ll be an expert in no time.

Learning Is A Family Affair

A day skiing or riding on the mountain can be a multi-generational memory maker! Liz Murphy, the Marketing Director of Calabogie Peaks Resort, says it’s hard to think of any other sport in the world that multiple generations can enjoy together for a full day of fun. “Our three kids began skiing with their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and mom and dad. The experience brought everyone closer and generated enthusiasm to keep going back. They learned very quickly, gained a lot of confidence and loved the fact that they could keep up. It didn’t take long before we were trying to keep up with them.”

Calabogie Peaks Resort’s President, Paul Murphy, and his son Michael, aged 4, back in 1987.

Calabogie Peaks Resort is committed to making learning fun, safe and result-driven encouraging a lifelong enjoyment of skiing and snowboarding. To keep up with the demand for beginner programs and terrain, The Peaks has almost doubled the Beginner Bowl, affording learners with progressive terrain for graduated learning.

In the Kids Snow School program, a child 2- to 4- years old can learn to ski with Mom and Dad by their side in a hands-on private lesson or a small group weekly program. The lessons reduce the anxiety for both the parent and child by teaching parents how to manage the newest little tike on the hill.

When your little skier is ready, the Ski Wee Program (4 – 6 yrs.) teaches in small groups and is nothing but FUN FUN FUN!  Our All Mountain Program (6-17 yrs.) is perfect for skiers and boarders looking to cruise the mountain with their instructors and friends. Choose from other programs that fit your style at

No equipment – no problem. With an exceptional fleet of skis and boards, our rental technicians outfit customers with safe and size appropriate gear.

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Snow Report (Evening December 29th, 2015)

What a beautiful day – 35 cms of pow turned the resort into Alice in Winter Wonderland overnight.

Guests sledded in from Ottawa, the Seaway and Ottawa Valley to carve and ride on the natural stuff all day  – such a treat in ON.

The maintenance team has been out all day ploughing the Resort’s roads, parking lots and accommodation communities – they’ll be at it all night just to finish.  One man’s love is another’s labour.

Snowmaking changed the play book last night to work around unpredicted high winds.  The firepower was concentrated in areas less affected by the winds – Shantyman and O’Briens.  Later in the morning, after the winds went down, the guns were re-aimed to Barrett Chute and the west side trails.

Snowmaking has been non-stop laying down fresh snow for 24 hours and we plan to open Barrett Chute, TBone and Lower Old K&P in the next two or three days – and possibly more. Conditions are great and getting better; watch the web site for exciting developments; we open trails when they are ready; and that can be early or mid day.

The weather outlook continues to make us proud!  There is another 5 to 7 cms on the horizon; and the temps stay down so that snowmaking remains flat out for the entire 2 week horizon.

The Solar Chair and the Beginner Bowl carpet lift open at 9:00AM and spin till 4:00PM. We expect to have Lakeview spinning for the weekend. Lift tickets are 20% off tomorrow at the Adventure Center – a bargoooon!

Updates from Ski & Ride School:

Private and group lessons are available all day. Christmas Camps continue for ages 6 to 17; you can enroll for one or as many days as you like through the holidays. For more information email us at


Tickets to the New Year’s Eve bash with One Night Stand are moving fast. Get all of the details here.

Snow Report (December 28th, 2015)

The long wait is finally over and snow is flying from our snow guns as well as falling from the sky. To help keep our customers up-to-date on our snowmaking progress, we’ve added the Snow Report page to our website. Written by Paul Murphy himself, here’s the latest on how the mountain’s looking for your holiday skiing.


Big toothy smiles again today – guests are blown away by how much snow we have!

Snowmaking started at 7pm last night and the guys opened the fan gun water banks at 9 pm. Put on your seat belts. Hydro One will be happy – 2 megawatts of power will flow through Calabogie’s veins delivering more snow. Did you know that’s enough power to supply 750 to 1,000 homes?

The weather outlook continues to tell us snowmaking is 24/7 all week and possibly longer. The firepower is aimed at Old K&P, Fiddler and Barrett Chute – get ready girls :).

Mother Nature is landing on schedule to drop 25 cms in the next 2 days – isn’t  it amazing how she has turned from summer to winter in a week? Typical woman 🙂 In Jackson Hole; they use the expression its ‘puking snow’. Dare we 🙂

The Solar Chair and the Beginner Bowl carpet lift open at 9:00AM and spin till 4:00PM. Lift tickets are $20 at the Adventure Center.

Updates from Ski & Ride School

Private and group lessons are available all day. Christmas Camps continue for ages 6 to 17; you can enroll for one or as many days as you like through the holidays. For more information email us at

Upcoming Events

Tickets to the New Year’s Eve bash with One Night Stand are moving fast. Get all of the details here.

Raising the Stakes: The Makings of a New Season

IMG_0821-e1417548498548-225x300To say people are eager to get back on the slopes is an understatement. Ever since the first decent snowfall hit the Ottawa Valley two weeks ago, we’ve been fielding questions via phone, in person, online, even at the grocery store. Rest assured, the guns are firing and the crew is coating the mountain as you read this. Keep up to speed on our progress with our new and improved Mountain Web Cams and get your skis shined up (our apologies to a certain gum manufacturer) because the time’s a-coming!

Yet that’s not the only thing going on at the Peaks. Rather than offer the same features as the previous year, we’ve been hard at work bringing something new to your favourite ski resort close to home and wanted to take a moment to list off just some of the new goodies you can expect when you show up with skis and boards in hand.

There’s a pretty good chance there’ll be a lot more sick days called in this season and it won’t be due to any actual medical issues. Perfect for shift workers, students with off-days, the retired (or semi-retired) and anyone who happens to “miss their bus,” we’re selling our weekday tickets for $25 a person when you purchase directly from our online store. Remember, this is online purchases only and you can find our store right here.
Speaking of online shopping, we’ve added on a couple of stocking stuffers perfect for the active winter enthusiast in your life. Grab a 5-pack of lift tickets for the price of 4 (normally only available at trade shows), purchase space in our Learn To Ski/Snowboard program, and drop a gift card or two straight into your cart. These extras will only be available until December 24th and you can find them right here.

Learning to ski or snowboard can be intimidating and we all remember the hard work and dedication it took to get to where we are now. We’re committed to helping as many people as possible strap on a pair and give it a shot, regardless of age or previous experience. That’s why we’re delighted to introduce new Snow School programs such as Parent & Tot (where a parent learns to work with their 2- to 4-year old) and our brand new 4-week Learn To Ski/Snowboard program (plus you receive a full season pass at the end of the program). You can find out more on our updated 2014/15 Winter Brochure.

Use them as an Employee of the Month prize, offer them as incentive for new clients, or however you want to do it, there’s unlimited value in our Calabogie Peaks Corporate Season Pass. For $999, it works exactly like a regular Ultimate Season Pass except that it can be used by anyone you wish. Plus we’re literally giving them away if you book your next corporate event at the Peaks. Need a link? Find what you need and more on our Business Events page.

You’ve heard of ski in/out accommodations, but what about ski in/out dining? We’re adding on a new run to our repertoire as we expand our already impressive selection designed to challenge skiers/riders of every experience level. Branching off from Juniper Junction as it makes the bend and connects back to the Lakeview chairlift, the Canthook cuts straight down towards the Calabogie Peaks Hotel and right up to the back door of Canthooks Restaurant. Plus it’s the perfect path for anyone staying at our hotel during their family outing or business trip downhill.

The view from the new Canthook run, currently under construction. Photo taken November 28, 2014.
Never fear, Calabogie fans, the time will soon be at hand and we can’t wait for everyone to come down and see what we have in store for you, family, and friends. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for up-to-minute snowmaking updates, specials, and more. Until then, keep watching the skies!

Lighting the Pilot For Students

On Tuesday, March 18, 2014, Calabogie Peaks Resort offered a new educational program for high school students. The Hospitality & Tourism class at Fellowes High School participated in a pilot project in conjunction with Specialized High Skills Major being offered around the province.
One might ask what is Specialized High Skills Major? Specialist High Skills Majors let students focus on a career path that matches their skills and interests while meeting the requirements of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. This is achieved through; industry specific courses, certifications, career exploration and reach ahead activities.

With Calabogie Peaks being the top tourist destination in the Ottawa Valley, we felt it a natural fit to create this partnership by offering students an insight into the industry. Fellowes students participated in a morning full of workshops followed by a relaxing afternoon of exploring what our resort has to offer.
This is an expansion off of our current school programs. We offer an outdoor education program where students can partake in skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and cross country skiing. This allows students to be physically active in an outdoor environment, specifically in the winter months where people are generally less active.

The new program not only will get these students physically active but it will also be academically stimulating. Through a series of mini sessions, students are able to interact with professionals, while getting a first hand glimpse of what a career in their industry would be like. It is what is referred to as a Reach Ahead Experience.
Sessions included:

  • an insider tour of the resort
  • the business side of social media
  • customer service
  • food & beverage hands on experience

The new school program will be offered throughout the fall, winter and spring for the 2014/15 school year. This will allow students to see the differences and transitions between the various seasons.

Contact us at or Call 800 669 4861 x 1705 to speak with a school sales representative directly or email