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It’s A Calabogie Blizzard!


Happy New Year, everyone, and boy have things changed from a month ago. Not only is the mountain open, but we’re proud to say Calabogie Peaks has more trails available than any others in the region. As I write this, there are 14 trails open to happy skiers and boarders with two more (Fiddler, Al’s Alley) and our Mini Terrain Park scheduled to open soon. And the word is getting out there as people are heading to Calabogie to get their snow fix.

We’ve teamed up with the Ontario Highlands Tourism Organization (OHTO, for short) for their #WinterWander campaign showcasing all the engaging, exciting, and captivating places you can experience right here in the Ontario Highlands. But why read what we have to say when we can show you what everyone else is saying about The Peaks on social media?






And the pictures! Here’s just a small sampling of how everyone else sees The Peaks…

Courtesy of Stephen Nason and family.
Courtesy of Stephen Nason and family.
Courtesy of Rebellito Ramonil.
Courtesy of Rebellito Ramonil.


Thanks to everyone who shared their day at Calabogie Peaks with us and the rest of the world. Keep them coming and let’s make the most of this winter!

Snow Report (Evening December 29th, 2015)

What a beautiful day – 35 cms of pow turned the resort into Alice in Winter Wonderland overnight.

Guests sledded in from Ottawa, the Seaway and Ottawa Valley to carve and ride on the natural stuff all day  – such a treat in ON.

The maintenance team has been out all day ploughing the Resort’s roads, parking lots and accommodation communities – they’ll be at it all night just to finish.  One man’s love is another’s labour.

Snowmaking changed the play book last night to work around unpredicted high winds.  The firepower was concentrated in areas less affected by the winds – Shantyman and O’Briens.  Later in the morning, after the winds went down, the guns were re-aimed to Barrett Chute and the west side trails.

Snowmaking has been non-stop laying down fresh snow for 24 hours and we plan to open Barrett Chute, TBone and Lower Old K&P in the next two or three days – and possibly more. Conditions are great and getting better; watch the web site for exciting developments; we open trails when they are ready; and that can be early or mid day.

The weather outlook continues to make us proud!  There is another 5 to 7 cms on the horizon; and the temps stay down so that snowmaking remains flat out for the entire 2 week horizon.

The Solar Chair and the Beginner Bowl carpet lift open at 9:00AM and spin till 4:00PM. We expect to have Lakeview spinning for the weekend. Lift tickets are 20% off tomorrow at the Adventure Center – a bargoooon!

Updates from Ski & Ride School:

Private and group lessons are available all day. Christmas Camps continue for ages 6 to 17; you can enroll for one or as many days as you like through the holidays. For more information email us at


Tickets to the New Year’s Eve bash with One Night Stand are moving fast. Get all of the details here.

Snow Report (December 28th, 2015)

The long wait is finally over and snow is flying from our snow guns as well as falling from the sky. To help keep our customers up-to-date on our snowmaking progress, we’ve added the Snow Report page to our website. Written by Paul Murphy himself, here’s the latest on how the mountain’s looking for your holiday skiing.


Big toothy smiles again today – guests are blown away by how much snow we have!

Snowmaking started at 7pm last night and the guys opened the fan gun water banks at 9 pm. Put on your seat belts. Hydro One will be happy – 2 megawatts of power will flow through Calabogie’s veins delivering more snow. Did you know that’s enough power to supply 750 to 1,000 homes?

The weather outlook continues to tell us snowmaking is 24/7 all week and possibly longer. The firepower is aimed at Old K&P, Fiddler and Barrett Chute – get ready girls :).

Mother Nature is landing on schedule to drop 25 cms in the next 2 days – isn’t  it amazing how she has turned from summer to winter in a week? Typical woman 🙂 In Jackson Hole; they use the expression its ‘puking snow’. Dare we 🙂

The Solar Chair and the Beginner Bowl carpet lift open at 9:00AM and spin till 4:00PM. Lift tickets are $20 at the Adventure Center.

Updates from Ski & Ride School

Private and group lessons are available all day. Christmas Camps continue for ages 6 to 17; you can enroll for one or as many days as you like through the holidays. For more information email us at

Upcoming Events

Tickets to the New Year’s Eve bash with One Night Stand are moving fast. Get all of the details here.

More Snow Than Mother Nature: Opening Weekend 2015/16


There’s no denying the weather’s been warmer than usual for this time of year. The beginning of December is supposed to be a time when we’re scraping frost off our windshields in the morning, tossing on winter boots, bundling up in coats rather than jackets, and heading out to The Peaks for some downhill go-time. With temperatures hovering just above the freezing mark for the past two weeks, the chances of snow landing on the mountain – let alone sticking to it – seemed slim if not impossible.

Luckily, we eat impossibility for breakfast.

As a testament to both our snowmaking equipment and our Snow Crew spending long nights when the thermometer dropped low enough, we were able to make a LOT of our own snow along Beginner’s Bowl, Shantyman, and O’Briens (as well as the base along Solar Quad). So much that when the warmth stuck around at night and started to melt our hard work, there was still plenty kicking around to make our Opening Weekend of the 2015/16 season a fantastic one.

Thanks to everyone who scratched their skiing/snowboarding itch with us this past weekend and shared their experiences on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. While the weather doesn’t look like it will co-operate with us anytime soon, the fact we were able to have three runs coated with powder for that spring skiing feeling in December was sweeter than sugar. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for the Snow Crew to pull off another miracle and get everyone back on the lift ASAP – keep clicking on our website to learn when we’ll do it all again.

Now it’s our pleasure to share some of the good times our friends had on The Peaks this past weekend. This first series is provided to us by Mark from United Riders (also posted on their Pinterest page) followed by an assortment of embedded photos from across social media. Enjoy and we’ll see you again soon!










Lucas, on the Magic Carpet lift at @calabogiepeaks #skiing

A photo posted by Ryan Whetung (@ryanwhetung) on


#Ski season begins in #Ontario! Nice work @calabogiepeaks! @armadaskis @armadawomens A photo posted by Ryan Whetung (@ryanwhetung) on

Snowbound #1: Stay & Play @ Calabogie

It’s time to start thinking snow! In the two years I’ve been here with Calabogie Peaks, there’s one thing I’ve learned: you guys LOVE snow. Even a video of snow falling on the mountain a couple of weeks ago caught your attention. Everyone behind the scenes has been busy getting hotel packages, Snow School programs, terrain parks, ticket prices, and everything ready to rock for the day we officially open for the season. (And before the comments start rolling in, we have not yet set an official open date until we can set a true open date based on weather patterns, snowmaking, and more. That means when we open, we want to throw the gates back and let everyone enjoy the full mountain from day one!)
The goal with this series of posts we call Snowbound is to give you a heads up to what’s coming this season and how you can take advantage of terrific savings this winter, starting with our brand new hotel packages. We’ve had the honour of servings guests from Kingston, Toronto, New York, Connecticut, and beyond on a weekly basis. The big thing they like to do is mix relaxation with activities, so our theme for this year is to provide exactly that. Each of these hotel packages provides an opportunity to ski, dine, even take lessons for those who want to brush up on an old sport or try something new.

We’ll start with a classic, perhaps the most popular hotel package we’ve ever offered. It’s simple: for every night you stay at the Calabogie Peaks Hotel, you get a free lift ticket to enjoy a day on the mountain. Starting at $84 per person (based on double occupancy), it’s the perfect deal for anyone who wants to ski first and sleep later.

Imagine 3 nights living the dream. Waking up in the morning and stepping onto the deck with a cup of hot coffee to watch the sun shine on the mountain, sitting with the family for breakfast at our Canthooks restaurant, shredding your way up and down The Peaks all day before returning for dinner to hear exciting tales of the day’s adventure. That’s what our new Christmas Vacation package is all about. Available exclusively from December 22nd until January 2nd, this minimum 3-night package provides breakfast, dinner, and lift tickets for the entire stay. All starting at $159 per person, per day (based on double occupancy).

Everyone has to start somewhere and we have a package for anyone looking to give this ultimate Canadian winter sport a shot. The Learn To Ski/Board package not only provides a stay in our hotel, but throws in a lift ticket and a lesson with our highly trained and experienced Snow School instructors. Starting at $127 per person (based on double occupancy), cross this goal off your bucket list and return home feeling ready to take on the world.

There are only two things that should be hot this time of year: the thermostat and hotel deals. Our Hot Dates, Hot Rates page of hidden gems holds some sweet surprises, so be sure to bookmark it and check regularly. For example, you can save 50% off any 2-night stay in November. Or if you’re planning on a 3-night midweek stay, take advantage of Resorts of Ontario’s Free Tuesdays promotion taking place right now until the end of November.
For more great deals on your next winter stay, be sure to keep an eye on our Stay & Play page. Next time, we’ll reveal our exciting new Snow School programs, including the return of the Parent & Tot lessons, mastering the cross track, even taking the first step to become a ski instructor.

No More Excuses! Get Ready For Next Season

CalabogieAdventures_banner_v2The snow is quickly melting and while many of us are probably putting our skis away and taking out our summer gear there is one last winter deal that you do not want to miss out on.

Skiing can be expensive; although once you have the gear all you have to pay for is the pass. But if you ski every weekend it can add up real fast. That’s why Calabogie Peaks is offering a great deal where you can put down a $49 deposit before April 15th and then pay the balance in mid-September, which allows you to lock down the lowest price in advance. It also makes it a lot more affordable when September rolls around and you start dusting off those skis.
If you purchase the Ultimate Seasons Pass and ski 9 times then you’ve made getting the pass worth it. If you ski more than that, it’s as if you are skiing for free! I enjoy having a season’s pass because then if I only ski for a couple hours I won’t feel guilty for leaving and not have gotten my money’s worth of turns. It also won’t make you feel guilty if you just feel like sitting and socializing in the pub in between runs.

I highly recommend purchasing an Ultimate Seasons Pass before April 15th. If you are sitting there thinking, “I wish I would have skied more this year” then this is the perfect opportunity for you. Once you buy the pass you will have all the motivation you need to get out there as much as you can. Skiing is a great winter activity to keep you active, healthy and outdoors.

No more excuses, make sure next winter is your best ski season yet and lock down your seasons pass now!

It’s Mardi Gras Time!!

CalabogieAdventures_banner_v2In case you didn’t know, Calabogie Peaks hosts a Mardi Gras every year during the March Break. This years’ Mardi Gras will take place on Saturday, March 21st, 2015. Most years, the weather has been so nice out that you will feel like you are spring skiing and this year is guaranteed as the first day of Spring is March 20th!
Even if you don’t ski or snowboard, Mardi Gras is a great event to check out because they have an annual puddle jump and live music which provides great entertainment while soaking up some vitamin D and enjoying some freshly barbecued food.
Don’t feel like skiing but still want to be active? You can rent snowshoes, cross-country skis, or go tubing while at The Peaks. There are activities for all ages during this festival. Whether you are a participant or a spectator, Mardi Gras is a great way to start off the Spring.

Work/Life Balance

No matter what you do, no matter how young or “wise” you are, it’s important to leave time in life to let loose and have fun. We live in a world where deadlines are tight, immediacy is the norm and we’re constantly sucked into a digital space. All of this gets overwhelming, but we press on, forgetting that we have interests outside of work. Guess what? Work can sometimes wait! Sometimes it can’t and you should probably pay attention to that so you can continue to fund your fun time, but when it can, you should go outside and do something for yourself.
I’m not here to advocate playing hooky, although there is a certain thrill about it! No, I’m saying use some lieu time, take a vacation day, do whatever you need to do to get out of the office. If it makes you feel better, call it a mental health day! There are so many things you can do, but for the sake of argument, let’s use snowboarding for an example.
There’s something amazing that comes with a random weekday out on the hill. I don’t know if it’s adrenaline from shedding pent up stress or just the sheer joy of knowing that you could have the worst day on the hill and still know it’s better than the best day in your cubicle! Getting out there, carving some turns, catching up with an old buddy on the chairlift who has the “flu” (wink wink) does more for your productivity than you can imagine.
Try it, you’ll be glad you did. Answer your emails tomorrow and ride your snowboard today. Remember that there’s a kid inside you. Here’s a little video of my last “mental health” day where I tipped the scale of work-life balance a little further towards life. You’ll be happy to know that I got a lot done in the office today!

Rob Whelan grew up in the Hockley Valley, about an hour north of Toronto and spent every spare minute of his youth skiing and snowboarding down 300 feet of vertical. “The ski/snowboard community is one of my favourite things in the world and I’ve dedicated myself and my work to keeping it strong. Now living in Kingston, Calabogie Peaks is my home hill. I make my living behind a camera, spending my summers photographing weddings and my winters photographing families that ski/snowboard together.” Life is good, #goplayoutside!

Valentine’s Day

CalabogieAdventures_banner_v2Valentine’s Day is that one day of the year people either choose to love or hate. Considering it’s a day dedicated to love, I’d say we all try to love it, regardless if we are in a relationship or not.

For Couples:
Any guy can walk into a flower shop and order roses. Actually, they make it so easy now that you don’t even have to leave the couch to order those flowers for your loved one. Just a credit card and phone is all you need.
And ladies, gifts can be overrated. Unless your partner really had his heart set on a new watch, cologne or a fishing rod, he probably already has them. Save your money on the materialistic stuff and aim for something unique.
Instead, try planning a day that can create memories. Mike and I like to combine an outdoor activity with food. Because who doesn’t like fresh air and a warm meal? Some years it’s ice climbing and Chinese take-out, skating and beavertails, or skiing and steaks.
This year Valentine’s Day lands on a Saturday, which creates the perfect opportunity to take your loved one skiing at Calabogie Peaks followed by a delicious dinner at Canthooks Restaurant. You may pay a little more than you would for flowers but you can’t put a price tag on memories and love.

For Singles:
Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about celebrating your love for “a partner,” it can be a day for celebrating your love for a friend. Find a good friend and take them out skiing. If you want to make the day really entertaining find a friend that has never skied before and offer to help teach them. Some of my best ski days have been spent on the bunny hill.
If you are single and looking, the ski hill has been known to bring people together. I have many friends who are in relationships thanks to Calabogie Peaks. Sometimes all it takes is perfect timing and a chair lift to bring two people together.
Regardless of your relationship status, Calabogie Peaks is a great place to spend Valentine’s day whether it’s with your partner, friend, or family. Valentine’s Day should be a celebration of love for everyone because we all deserve to have a valentine.
Raised in the Ottawa Valley and a permanent resident of the Calabogie area,  Michelle Eady is passionate about the outdoors and the environment. She is an Early Childhood Educator for the Renfrew County Catholic District School Board and alsos enjoy writing and taking pictures so when you combine the two, you get her blog:
Keep imagination alive and play outside!

Snowshoeing at Calabogie Peaks

Calabogie Peaks is known for its ski hill, but there is a lot more to The Peaks than just downhill terrain. A favourite activity of mine aside from skiing and ice climbing is snowshoeing. Snowshoeing is a great way to go outside and get some exercise.
It’s also something that you can learn how to do without having to take a lesson.
If you have ever hiked the area during the fall, then you know there are a variety of trails that go up, down and around Calabogie Peaks. If you haven’t, well then, it’s time to get out there and explore! Winter is a great time to check out these trails for many reasons like the views without leaves on the trees. You will get some breathtaking sights that you may not get in the fall and there are also a lot of frozen waterfalls just off some of the trails. These frozen waterfalls are really neat because ground water and cold temperatures form them. There is a section on the Manitou Trail that is quite popular for ice climbers and it is actually known as one of the best single pitch ice climbing areas in Eastern Ontario. With its easy access and multiple sections of ice, it gets busy fast. Before I began ice climbing, I used to enjoy snowshoeing into this area to watch the ice climbers in awe.
If you don’t have your own snowshoes, don’t worry! Calabogie Peaks offers snowshoe rentals. They also have easy to moderate trails for those who don’t feel like trekking up the ski hill. What if you want to take the trails behind The Peaks but don’t feel like snowshoeing up, that’s what the chair lift is there for (it’s not just for skiing). For a small fee of $5, you can hop on the chairlift and hop off at the top of Calabogie Peaks where you have your choice of many different trails. Before heading up make sure you are prepared. Snowshoeing is a high exertion activity and can cause you to sweat easily. Dress in layers, carry a pack with lots of food and water, take your phone and keep it close to your body (for heat so it doesn’t die from the cold in case of an emergency). I recommend grabbing a map of the trails from The Peaks before heading out, but I must say that their trails are marked really well. Almost every junction you come to has a map that shows where you are and the different options of where you can go.
Don’t want to snowshoe because you would rather ski? Well, why not head out for a snowshoe under the stars! The beauty of Calabogie is that with little light pollution you are able to see a sky full of stars on a clear night. Winter is one of the best times for stargazing and the feeling of being in the dark on a cold night with sparkling snow is an experience in itself. That being said, you still need to take a headlamp to see where you are going.
Calabogie Peaks has so many options for winter activities. Whether it’s -20c or colder, get outside and enjoy winter!