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Snowbound #1: Stay & Play @ Calabogie

It’s time to start thinking snow! In the two years I’ve been here with Calabogie Peaks, there’s one thing I’ve learned: you guys LOVE snow. Even a video of snow falling on the mountain a couple of weeks ago caught your attention. Everyone behind the scenes has been busy getting hotel packages, Snow School programs, terrain parks, ticket prices, and everything ready to rock for the day we officially open for the season. (And before the comments start rolling in, we have not yet set an official open date until we can set a true open date based on weather patterns, snowmaking, and more. That means when we open, we want to throw the gates back and let everyone enjoy the full mountain from day one!)
The goal with this series of posts we call Snowbound is to give you a heads up to what’s coming this season and how you can take advantage of terrific savings this winter, starting with our brand new hotel packages. We’ve had the honour of servings guests from Kingston, Toronto, New York, Connecticut, and beyond on a weekly basis. The big thing they like to do is mix relaxation with activities, so our theme for this year is to provide exactly that. Each of these hotel packages provides an opportunity to ski, dine, even take lessons for those who want to brush up on an old sport or try something new.

We’ll start with a classic, perhaps the most popular hotel package we’ve ever offered. It’s simple: for every night you stay at the Calabogie Peaks Hotel, you get a free lift ticket to enjoy a day on the mountain. Starting at $84 per person (based on double occupancy), it’s the perfect deal for anyone who wants to ski first and sleep later.

Imagine 3 nights living the dream. Waking up in the morning and stepping onto the deck with a cup of hot coffee to watch the sun shine on the mountain, sitting with the family for breakfast at our Canthooks restaurant, shredding your way up and down The Peaks all day before returning for dinner to hear exciting tales of the day’s adventure. That’s what our new Christmas Vacation package is all about. Available exclusively from December 22nd until January 2nd, this minimum 3-night package provides breakfast, dinner, and lift tickets for the entire stay. All starting at $159 per person, per day (based on double occupancy).

Everyone has to start somewhere and we have a package for anyone looking to give this ultimate Canadian winter sport a shot. The Learn To Ski/Board package not only provides a stay in our hotel, but throws in a lift ticket and a lesson with our highly trained and experienced Snow School instructors. Starting at $127 per person (based on double occupancy), cross this goal off your bucket list and return home feeling ready to take on the world.

There are only two things that should be hot this time of year: the thermostat and hotel deals. Our Hot Dates, Hot Rates page of hidden gems holds some sweet surprises, so be sure to bookmark it and check regularly. For example, you can save 50% off any 2-night stay in November. Or if you’re planning on a 3-night midweek stay, take advantage of Resorts of Ontario’s Free Tuesdays promotion taking place right now until the end of November.
For more great deals on your next winter stay, be sure to keep an eye on our Stay & Play page. Next time, we’ll reveal our exciting new Snow School programs, including the return of the Parent & Tot lessons, mastering the cross track, even taking the first step to become a ski instructor.